"Why doctors make the best
hedge fund managers."

Follow known protocols.


Last month we had a client.

It was a hedge fund that was in deep trouble.

Their previous hedge fund manager had dug them into a deep hole.

(A really deep hole.)

Essentially shooting from the hip, and taking too many gambles.



Brought to you by a Fortune 500 Award Winning Team

Brought to you by a Fortune 500 Award Winning Team


We are a Fortune 500 Award Winning Team...

We've won numerous awards in innovation and artificial intelligence from:

Intel, Samsung, Ford, AT&T, Ericsson, IBM, Amazon, IBM among others and industry association awards as well.


We have numerous patents that were issued by the US Patent Office, in the United States and Internationally.

Many of our patents were licensed to practically every major institution.

If you buy things online from Amazon, eBay, etc... you're probably using one of our patents.

If you bank online... you're probably using one of our patents.

If you're using Windows 10... you're probably using one of our patents right now.

We've been doing technology innovation and artificial intelligence for nearly 20 years...

and now...

We'd like to introduce you to the action plan based on collaboration with our dental practice partners...

"It's not XXX"


A True Story

My child? Head injury? Brain trauma? Fracture? I'd rather it be a fracture.

These were the terrifying thoughts racing through my head as that blue, Vail ski jacket that instructors wear, was running towards me... fast.

My kids spend the season in Vail Colorado in a competitive ski program there. They are on the mountain literally all day, 5 days a week.

It's a big mountain, and I signed a crap-ton of waivers for this program.

An instructor running towards you... at full clip... and no kids to be seen... is never a good sign.

As he came up to the car window, breathless he said,

"Oh your kids will be out in a minute... I just wanted to ask you before you left..."

My wife breathed a sigh of relief, and I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding.

The kids were okay.

Then the instructor continued:

"Your son asked me all day what the NASDAQ was doing..."

"And during every break he insisted I look up the DOW and NASDAQ prices on my phone..."

"What's that all about?"

After a few moments of composure, I explained that my kids trade stocks for their allowance.

Their wins and losses for the week is how much allowance they get.

The reason for my 8 year old son's "appearingly strange obsession" over the NASDAQ was that... it was Friday and this particular week he wanted to buy the new XBOX that just came out.

They pick their stocks on Sunday night, and at market close on Friday they tally their wins and losses.

My son wanted to make sure he had enough to get his XBOX.

And he did it. He made enough that week to buy himself his new XBOX.

Since then friends, family, ski-instructors have always asked how they could learn as well.


So what you are about to read on this page is the formal, much more advanced version of that method.

I wanted something consistent, proven and powerful that my adult children, and family could do with minimal time investment.

It's based on Warren Buffet's framework to buy stocks at a discount.

Mr. Buffet abhors overpaying for things... especially stocks...

This framework is further validated by a 10-year study conducted by Goldman Sachs, and is based on a Nobel Peace Prize winning formula.

What I liked about this Warren Buffet framework was that it includes chart reading, stocks, and options, and covered calls... all in one.

I also like that it can be used for classic investing, but is the most powerful with swing trading for income, just once a week.

So it's a good solid basis to learn from, no matter what they choose to do as adults.

Plus it's proven.

So that's where all this comes from, and why we put this together.

If this is something that interests you... all the details are below.

Action Plan: Your Responsibilities

Your Core Responsibilities

Your responsibilities are simple:

  • So You Can Fill Your Schedule: Provide us with your patient list so EVA the specialized AI can work on recall and referrals for you so you can make sure your schedule is filled. If one of your past patients is worried about a dental issue, you will offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.
  • So You Can Have New Implant Patients Ready: As we bring you new implant patients, you will be offering a free 15 minute phone consultation.
  • We will provide you with a set of guidelines on how to best handle these types of phone calls.

That's it. We handle all the rest. Your goal is to build massive goodwill in your community.

Imagine people that have a dental concern and are worried... and can't go to a dentist. Now imagine you reaching out and offering to speak with them at no cost to alleviate their worries.

That's how you make an impact on your community.

We handle all the rest.

Action Plan: New Implant Patients

Opportunity: Implant patients are researching now.

Data shows a surge in people researching implants which indicates that they are actively hunting for a dentist post-quarantine. This technology is designed to make sure you're the dentist they choose through tagging, getting to call you and follow-up.


Objective: Immediate, Significant Cash Influx.

This plan targets implant patients for several reasons:

  • Our data-analysis has detected a significant increase in implant patients on the Internet. This is likely due to patients trapped at home, and doing research.
  • Implant patients will make the most impact to your immediate cash-flow when quarantine lifts so you can jump-start your practice.
  • Implant patients from this program will be in direct contact with you, and strongly bonded to you. This way, they will generate more implant referrals* so you can have a continuously increasing flow of implant patients.
  • Our AI is calibrated to find implant patients and it does it well so you can begin accumulating implant patients right away. The limitation is that it is only capable of focusing on one dentist per city.



To accomplish this objective for implant patients, you will get access to the following technology:

  • Enterprise Wholesale RTB Advertising System. This is the system used by Fortune 500 companies. It is larger than Google and Facebook, and in fact includes Google. The minimum budget** is 1 Million/year in advertising. By combining multiple dental practices, managed by artificial intelligence, you get access.
  • Consumer Database Cross-Referencing. We cross reference known archetypes for implant patients with consumer databases including Equifax, Experian and your city psychographics to identify, target, and then follow-up with implant patients.
  • RealPatientID™ is a deep tracking technology† that was only available to our largest enterprise clients due to the cost. It can actually identify patients that visit the implant page of your own website. What this means is that during the quarantine, no visitors are lost. We can identify, target and then follow-up with those implant patients as well.
  • RealHouseholdID™ is another deep tracking technology† that was also only available to our largest enterprise clients. It is the same technology used by Trump, Obama and Clinton for their advertising. It can actually identify the homes of people that visit your website. What this means to you is that you will actually be able to track future implant patients back to their home, and control the advertising they see in their home with the objective so you can be the only implant dentist they see during quarantine.


* Many implant patients are aged 60 and older. Since they intercommunicate frequently, when you offer personal, phone assistance during this time of duress, this has the potential for significant referrals as they tell others they communicate with.

** The minimum advertising budget to access this enterprise advertising system is $100,000 per month. Since you will be pooled with other practices, you can get access to this system without those requirements. To accomplish this pooling, we can only accept one practice per city.

† RealPatientID™ and RealHouseholdID™ will not be offered outside this program. Due to the extreme circumstances, we are making them available to select dental clients, and may and will revoke this offer at anytime.

Action Plan: New Patients

Opportunity: New patients are researching now.

Data shows that along the same lines as implant patients, there is a significant increase in activity online for other procedures as well. This indicates that people are planning for post-quarantine, whether for specific procedures, or looking for insurance based dentists. This specific collection of technology is designed to make sure you get that new patient flow.


Objective: New patient flow for practice growth.

This plan targets new patients for several reasons:

  • In addition to implant patients, new patients fuel the growth of your practice with new FFS and insurance patient flow.
  • Right now other dentists are neglecting these patients presenting an opportunity for you to accumulate patients so you can fill out your appointments.
  • New patient flow also brings in the opportunity for new cosmetic and higher-revenue cases so you can continue to fuel your growth.
  • We target these new patients using much of the same technology that targets implant patients. We can target those researching and are interested in a dentists appointment for numerous different procedures based on their demographics and interests.


To accomplish this objective for new patients, you will get access to the following technology:

  • A combination of RealPatientID™ and RealHouseholdID™ to identify† new patients and capture them for ongoing follow-up. What this means is that during the quarantine, with all the increased visitor traffic, no visitors are lost. We can identify, target and then tag for follow-up with those patients.
  • InsuranceBoost™ technology. Through use of consumer databases, cross referenced with specific insurance programs (which you can specify) we can target, then tag patients for follow-up to insure they choose you as their designated dentist.
  • Enterprise Wholesale RTB Advertising System. As mentioned before, this is the system used by Fortune 500 companies, larger than Google and Facebook. This will be combined with tagging from InsuranceBoost™, RealPatientID™ and RealHouseholdID™ to magnify the marketing and follow-up efforts.
  • Consumer Database Cross-Referencing. We do additional consumer database cross referencing so as to create a Patient Targeting Profile. What this means to you is that as time goes on, the system can reach out and find more new patients based on the targeting created.


† RealPatientID™ and RealHouseholdID™ will not be offered outside this program. Due to the extreme circumstances, we are making them available to select dental clients, and may and will revoke this offer at anytime.


Action Plan: Activate Patient Base

Opportunity: Past patients are receptive now.

TODAY, while people are uncertain, if you reach out, and offer to help them with their dental concerns, it is easily worth 100x the impact of sending a pedestrian recall postcard.

TODAY, ONE SINGLE 15 minute free phone consultation is worth 2-5 new patient referrals due to their heightened emotional state.

TODAY is the most opportune time to ask for referrals in the form of extending your offer to help to any friends or family that have a dental concern.

TODAY, those inactive patients will see you in a completely different perspective (as the helping, caring neighborhood dentist). Right now is the most opportune time to re-active your inactive patients.



Objective: Fill your schedule post-quarantine.

This plan targets active and older inactive patients for several reasons:

  • During normal times, recall, and staying top-of-mind is challenging. However, now you can generate extreme goodwill with your active patient base so you can have a strong post-quarantine schedule.
  • The transition to normal recall will be stronger since you are going to establish strong goodwill, the transition to normal recall will have stronger effect, and insure you are top-of-mind.
  • Given the opportunity, this is the perfect time to re-engage your inactive patients so you can have an even stronger post-quarantine schedule and so you can infuse additional growth into your practice.
  • Referrals will never be stronger than right now so the objective is to leverage the referral opportunity so you can also have additional new referral patients and procedures.


To accomplish this objective for reactivating your patient base, you will get access to the following technology:

  • EVA Recall Specialist Artificial Intelligence (AI). EVA is an AI that utilizes a specialized type of email called CognitiveMail™ to reach out to your patient base and activate past patients.
  • EmailAddressConnect™ can find email addresses for the patients that don't have an email address so you can build a bigger, long-term asset for your practice with a fuller, more interactive patient database.
  • Coronavirus Specialized EVA. EVA has been modified for the current circumstances. While the pandemic is active and top-of-mind, EVA will generate goodwill for you and reach out and offer your free 15 minute phone consultations if they worried about a dental issue.
  • A combination of RealPatientID™ and RealHouseholdID™ to identify patients so your system can continue to target them even if they don't respond to email.
  • Enterprise Wholesale RTB Advertising System. This high volume system can use the RealPatientIDs™ and RealHouseholdIDs™ generated to follow up with patients who do not respond to email.
  • Consumer Database Cross-Referencing. We do additional consumer database cross referencing so as to create a Patient Targeting Profile from the email and physical addresses. What this means to you is that as time goes on, the system can reach out and find even more new patients based on the targeting created.


† RealPatientID™ and RealHouseholdID™ will not be offered outside this program. Due to the extreme circumstances we are making them available to select dental clients, and may and will revoke this offer at anytime.

Action Plan: Post-Quarantine Plan

You can leverage the goodwill and data you've created into continued growth.

As the world begins to normalize, all the technology transitions into bringing in appointments.

As you begin working through the appointments you've accumulated, now you can leverage the goodwill, tagged patients, and artificial intelligence data into more appointments and continued growth.


Objective: Continue to fill your schedule with new patients and implant patients.

This part of the plan focuses on expanding what you've built during quarantine into continued growth:

  • You will  get recall appointments from your patient base that EVA, the artificial intelligence has been working with regularly.
  • You will also begin to get referral appointments that EVA has worked from your patient base so you can begin getting new patients into your practice.
  • The people you spoke with will come in as appointments based on what you spoke to them about so you can jump start your schedule.
  • The implant patients will transition to physical appointments for you to do full cases with.
  • People you didn't speak with will begin making appointments based on the goodwill you've created.
  • The specialized artificial intelligence will transition to convert all the RealPatientIDs™, RealHouseholdIDs™, and accumulated implant patients into physical appointments.
  • EVA will transition into her normal post-quarantine mode of following-up with your patient base to continue to get recall patients as well as referrals.


To accomplish this objective for reactivating your patient base, you will get access to the following technology:

  • EVA Post-Quarantine Recall Specialist AI. EVA will transition to her normal mode and utilize a specialized type of email called CognitiveMail™ to reach out to your patient base and activate past patients.
  • Local Events for EVA by Editorial Team. Our editorial team will research and write content for EVA based on events in your area so your EVA recall email will always be welcomed in their inbox.
  • Generate appointments from RealPatientID's™ and RealHouseholdID's™. By this time, you will have a collection of patients who are interested in implant and costmetic procedures but did not make appointments. The system will transition into conversion mode, and begin following-up with those patients to make physical appointments by targeting their household and targeting them as individuals.
  • Enterprise Wholesale RTB Advertising System. This high volume system will shift to actively search out patient profiles that match the RealPatientIDs™ and RealHouseholdIDs™ to find and follow up with more new patients for cosmetic/implant procedures.
  • Consumer Database Cross-Referencing. The system will also do additional consumer database cross-referencing so as to create additional Patient Targeting Profiles based on all the information above. What this means to you is that as time goes on, the system can reach out and find even more new patients based on the targeting created.
  • InsuranceBooster™ Transitions to Appointments. The InsuranceBooster™ AI will transition to make physical appointments at your practice, and begin using the Wholesale RTB to increase the volume of specific insurance programs you specify.


† RealPatientID™ and RealHouseholdID™ will not be offered outside this program. Due to the extreme circumstances, we are making them available to select dental clients, and may and will revoke this offer at anytime.

Technology Briefing

Why You May Have Never Heard of These Technologies

The advertising and targeting technologies mentioned are considered the gold-standard for Fortune 500 companies and large political campaign advertising (at the heart of Obama, Trump and Clinton's campaigns) for three simple reasons:

  • One, these advanced technologies are effective. Consumer ("mom and pop") style advertising such as with Google and Facebook are known to be ineffective due to the high cost, and low conversion.
  • Two, this is wholesale. That means (1) the cost for advertising is lower since it's wholesale, and (2) you get more volume. Facebook and Google restrict who you can reach and how often. With wholesale you can literally reach everyone, and control what they see.
  • Three, the technological and artificial intelligence requirements and costs are enormous, so although powerful, are not feasible for small and medium companies.

Volume is the key to growth

Retail ("mom and pop") advertising is extremely limited. You get, "what they give you." When you access Google and Facebook through their retail platform, you get a limited amount of traffic, and you have zero control over the quality.

Wholesale platforms give you access to the entire Internet. Essentially a limitless amount of traffic. When you combines that with the extreme targeting of consumer and credit databases... literally the world is the limit.

In addition, the reach through these platforms is also limitless.

You can run on luxury branded websites, or whatever targeting you want:


You can even expand into other media and connected TV:

If you determine that specific psychographics of implant patients can be found using Apple TV, then you can shift targeting there as well.

Or even narrow it down to specific networks and TV shows.

As you can see, literally the amount of power and control has few boundaries when you're at the wholesale level.

This means that once the AI develops strong profiles of where to find implant, or specific types of patients, you can use those AI profiles to reach out beyond anything that ordinary retail advertising can produce.

And although you may have never heard of this type of technology, it truly is the gold standard in professional marketing.


Artificial Intelligence Is Dominating RTB Advertising
Wall Street programmers are dominating advertising from real-time bidding systems (RTB) using artificial intelligence.


AI and RTB -- The Perfect Recipe
Analytical capabilities of AI based RTB algorithms can create the perfect recipe for your ad, displaying it at the right time to the right people.


According to a new study...
According to a new study, computerized real-time bidding (RTB) AI systems that target users based on consumer data and Web-browsing histories will overtake all other advertising in terms of performance many times over. This is clearly the future of advertising for those that can do it and afford it.

A Quick Peek At The Inner Workings

A Quick Peek At The Inner Workings

At the heart of these algorithmic technology systems is artificial intelligence. You can think of it as having your own personal advertising manager who works 24 hours a day.

And on an average day... your personal advertising manager will analyze 3 million visitors-per-second looking for your ideal patients.

As an award-winning artificial intelligence and technology company, this was a perfect fit for us.


Here's an example.

Your personalized artificial intelligence (AI advertising manager) would have you on MayoClinic, WebMD, HealthLine as well as thousands of other websites. (These are just a few examples.)

It would monitor every visitor, looking for matches for your city's demographics and psychographics for your ideal patients for your practice.

And here is how the algorithm would work...


Here's an example of the RTB algorithm in its most basic form. The fundamental idea is easy to grasp: A visitor i appears. The AI then uses consumer databases to look up the visitor, and figure out exactly who this visitor is. The AI then evaluates the probability for a specific procedures type  j based on the probability of the visitor becoming a patient for that procedure. If the AI determines this is a probable patient it then purchases that visitor for the amount vij – αj, where αj denotes a sub-algorithm to optimize the bid price, and probability of success in real time.


Additional references can be found at: Ye Chen et al. “Real-Time Bidding Algorithms for Performance-Based Display Ad Allocation” (2011), Microsoft Research.

Here are some real-World examples of how the This Technology Works.


Power of Targeting

When Ford launched their new Ford Edge, they wanted to target younger women with children. So they used artificial intelligence in the DSP Platform to find, and target them specifically. The system has access to consumer databases, and knows which women have children, what parts of town they live in, what their income is, and the list goes on. Knowing all this, the AI was able to actually go out and find more customers specifically for this model.

AS A DENTIST: We would do the same things in the DSP Platform for you. First, you tell us a procedure you want more of. Next, your artificial intelligence analyzes your patient database to learn where to find those patients. It will access those same consumer databases to figure out, then go out and get more patients for you.


Power of Bigger Numbers

When AT&T purchased DirectTV they knew they wanted to expand their DirectTV subscriber base. And they knew it wasn't for everyone. So AT&T used artificial intelligence to analyze which demographics in each city were most likely to subscribe. However, that's only half the story. Once they knew who the best target demographics were... next they wanted big numbers to get lots of subscribers. So they used the DSP Platform to scale up and go get more subscribers in each city.

AS A DENTIST: You don't just want more patients... you want lots more patients... of the right kind... for your targeted procedure. The DSP Platform gives you the power to scale up your numbers to pretty much as big as you want to go. You effectively have the power to reach EVERYONE in your city.

How to Start

How to Start

Platform Costs

If you want to access these platforms on your own, for instance, just to set up costs upwards of ten thousand dollars every month.

In addition, the consumer databases fees get added on to that. After all the integration fees and costs, you're looking at nearly six-figures per month.

That doesn't include the engineers to manage all the technical aspects. This isn't the world of some social media manager straight out of college. These are software engineers and data scientists.

That's why you need million dollar budgets for this to make sense.

However, our proprietary technology and artificial intelligence allows you to join a select group of other dentists.

As a group, getting access to these expensive systems makes sense.

You get all the power and benefits without the burden of shouldering all the costs... and you don't have to pay these platform costs as an individual.



In order to get access to this program, you must meet two qualifications:

  • You must be willing to offer free 15-minute phone consultations. This should be very informal, and does not require video.
  • Your city must still be available. Technical and design limitation only permit us to offer this to one dental practice per city.
  • Special pricing is currently in effect due to the circumstances to ensure this program affordable to all dentists.

STEP 1: Click the button below to initiate a live-chat to see if your city is still available.

STEP 2: If you meet the qualifications, they will send you details on how to join this program.