Be FREE from dealing with leads ever again. Have your own in-house PERFECT lead team within hours

a group of people attending or surrounding an important person:
"an entourage of bodyguards"

Every entourage needs a star...

Entourage is a new technology designed to help agents grow by building their team. We stabilize their business so they can profit from our new technologies.


Most agents (like most businesses) struggle with obtaining stability in their markets.


Their efforts are well intentioned, they can boost outcome in the short-term but lack the stability to compound wins to grow into the long-term. 


A solid team and support system is required to have the freedom to move to the next step rather than spinning your wheels chasing temporary solutions.

Quantitative Technologies has been faithfully serving the numerous industries, hedge funds, and private equity for over thirty years.


In that time, we've earned countless awards and patents in artificial intelligence, and innovation solving hard problems using advanced algorithmic approaches.

Quantitative Technologies has been faithfully serving the numerous industries, hedge funds, and private equity for over thirty years.


In that time, we've earned countless awards and patents in artificial intelligence, and innovation solving hard problems using advanced algorithmic approaches.


Leads are the most important part of real estate

Everybody wants them

Many sell them

Every book coach and marketer has a secret or trick to get more

Every book and coach has their method to get them.

And if it’s not your main focus then you won’t can’t grow


You can get them by paying one of two ways

You can pay for leads with money but it gets expensive when there’s few GOOD leads in what you actually bought but you have to WORK THROUGH the bad leads before you can find them (if you actually got any)

And if you’re using the same service for a while, the well eventually dries up and you have to find a new source.

Or you can pay for leads with work (time X effort). Keep in mind you have to be working on the CORRECT approach, so there’s time spent on learning the right approach. And time spent learning a NEW approach if the previous one failed to get leads. And then what else are you missing out on by developing and working the right approach? Don’t forget,. once you’ve solved how to do it you have to CONTINUE to do it otherwise the leads stop coming.

What if you never had to worry about leads again? Just focus on the stuff you actually got the license to do. The job that nobody else can do like you.

Meet The Team



Your personal real estate AI Sales Assistant Sales Assistant that creates relationships with your leads and finds all of the actionable leads and referrals you have in your contact list… no matter how old or “dead”.


What top producers use to keep them on top… you can have today with no training or hassle of having an employee… she just works.


ELLA immediately connects with your "dead" leads and contacts to make sure no deals slip through the cracks. She does it personably, consistently and never gives up.


ELLA collects all your contacts and leads under one artificial intelligence so she can figure out who's ready now... who's getting ready... and who needs time.

ELLA analyzes all the data points collected from your contacts and leads to learn who are critical leads you need to connect with... and gets them on the phone.


Most artificial intelligence that you see talked about is machine-learning. Basically, you show an AI a thousand pictures of cats, and it learns how to recognize a cat. ELLA on the other hand is an advanced 4th generation AI.

4th generation AI is different in that the AI still learns, and in this case, the AI's main job is to understand and learn about each of your leads as individuals.
On top of that, 4th generation learns at a higher level of thinking. She learns with a purpose. That purpose is more conversion.
Plus, 4th generation AI doesn't just learn... she actually does all the work for you. She's self-initiating, self-motivating and never tires.

ELLA Deep Learning: Most of her deep-learning is focused on how to filter your leads, then make sure the important leads get back to you. Just a few of the elements she keeps track of and learns from: She learns what times of day, What days of week, What types of messages, What are their habits, How to best get them engaged... so she can help you turn more and more leads into clients.

"Dead" Leads Responding to ELLA


Yes Ella I'm still interested but we are in Connecticut right now. Can we get some homes lined up to see when we get there next month?”

“I appreciate the update Ella. Can you find me a 3-4 bedrooms and 2000 to 2800 sq ft. I prefer built or updated in the last 5 years. Thx Jim.”

“Ella, I'm looking for a home closer to downtown. Do you have some time tomorrow?”

“GREAT, YES Ella!! Tomorrow afternoon!”

“Yes, we are still interested. Please call me on my cell # xxx-xxx-xxx so we can coordinate something.”

“Hi Ella, actually bought a home in 2015. I want to sell. Can you all help me with that. Thanks.”

“Sorry Ella for not answering the calls. I work a very opposite schedule, I work nights in a hospital so it's very difficult to respond during the day. I do need to buy a house. Can we meet friday evening?”

“Hello Ella , I am looking more for something that is investing focused. Can I come by to give you my parameters?”

“Ella Sorry for not answering the calls. I've been stupid busy. I do see the house from last month had a nice price drop. Can you arrange that one for me?”

“Yes Ella, things changed. I need a bigger house. Was busy with family and I'm sorry. But now family is moving in with me so I need something a lot bigger.”

“Ella do you think Jim can find me one story houses. I havent seen any searching on the internet.”

“Ella I would love to talk. I want to sell and move closer to town. thanks have him contact me late afternoon over weekend”


For Every 2 "dead" leads, ELLA gets you 1 POSITIVE RESPONSE

ELLA get's an average of 51.29% POSITIVE RESPONSE from "dead" (no previous response) leads

Nurture longevity...


The average person buys or sells every five years. And certainly has friends or family that buys or sells every five years.

So your leads… when properly nurtured… become loyal to you.

EVA turns you into their “agent for life.” Anything dealing with real estate…

Your leads will know who to call… they will call you.

Every email EVA writes and sends for you includes key elements that are specifically designed to achieve these goals:

Get Your Emails Opened… and Read

It all starts here, with the subject line. If your leads don’t open your emails… your emails don’t get read. EVA uses subject lines that are tested, proven and based on extensive research. Plus, she learns and will adapt to make sure your emails get opened… and get read.

Make Your Leads Value You As a Professional

This is step one for building loyalty. Many people don't like paying commissions to agents. This section is designed to gently teach your leads how hard you work for commissions, and what it takes to find them the perfect home. This is a critical element to ensure that your leads value you as a professional. So you can be their valued agent whenever they or a friend need an agent.

Generate More Sales from Your Existing Leads

Leads are expensive, and only getting more expensive. This section is designed to gently keep refreshing, and refocusing your leads back to real estate… so you can generate more sales from your existing leads. The approach is based on the top performing, proven scripts from The 7 Levels and The Book of Yes.

Establish You as the Market Expert

Many leads distrust real estate agents, especially when you are trying to make them realize what’s reality, and what isn’t. In this section, EVA will write market analysis, trends and updates based on your area. It will be highly technical, but in plain English… so you can be seen as the trusted expert for your area.

Establish You as Their Trusted Source in Your Area

One of the frustration you face is… agents who are far less qualified end up with your commissions that were rightfully yours. Based on current research in Internet marketing the fastest way to build trust and loyalty is to become the trusted source of information. In this section EVA will establish you as the local area trusted source by consistently writing about local events, best places to eat, etc. The consistency that EVA delivers for you is what makes YOU the only trusted source, and therefore the only agent for your area.

Get Referrals Based on The Highest Performing Scripts

Asking for referrals is something most agents don’t like doing. Yet, it’s crucial. EVA will use the hottest performing scripts to generate referrals from The Book of Yes and the 7Levels of Communication. This section will consistently have your leads asking themselves to find you referrals without you being pushy.


EVA’s core knowledge is based on the top three books on real estate sales combined with the current 2017 Internet marketing research from Data & Marketing Association (DMA), the National Association of Realtors, Merkle, the Direct Marketing Association among others… based on 24.3 billion lead generation emails sent and $10.05 billion in advertising in the United States.

We dissected the top three books and extracted the processes, scripts and systems. Then we integrated the current research on Internet marketing to implement those processes and systems…

And that’s what we programmed into EVA.

Her Follow-Up ProcessEVA is designed to follow the follow-up processes that were outlined in the book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, where author Keller explains the process that millionaire top producers use to follow up with leads.

Her Follow-Up Scripts EVA is programmed with the scripts from The Book of Yes, a collection proven scripts that have been field tested and refined for years. She is programmed to use these scripts in a conversational, light and friendly tone.

Her Referral Process EVA will get you referrals from your existing leads based on the process spelled out in both The Book of Yes, and the 7 Levels of Communication. Both books specialize in proven methods and scripts to getting referrals multiplied. What that means to you is that EVA is designed to get you referral from your leads, but also from “Ambassadors” or “Allied Resources” who bring you dozens of fresh leads at a time.

Her Referral Scripts EVA incorporates the proven scripts for referrals from The Book of Yes, and the scripts are designed to go beyond simply reminding them to refer people to you and use the techniques from the Book of Yes to make people actively think of other who would need an agent, and refer them to you.

Most Importantly Her Marketing Approach Is based on current research and techniques for Internet and email marketing. These are the precise methodologies used by the largest brands and ad agencies, combined with the proven systems and scripts from the top three selling books on real estate sales.


82% of recent sellers contacted only one agent before finding the right agent they worked with to sell their home.¹

73% of buyers interviewed only one real estate agent during their home search.¹

90% of buyers would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others.¹

The average American moves every 3-5 years according to census data from 2013²

The average American has 16 friends with varying degrees of closeness and regularly communicates with 8

83% of sellers and 73% of buyers WORK WITH THE FIRST AGENT THEY MEET

Not one they’ve ever met.

The difference between a multi-million dollar real estate team and not a multi-million dollar real estate team is they are the first one in line.

So the multi-million dollar question is are you the first in line with 100% of your leads? And are you staying first in line?

EVA’s data shows from over 100 clients “dead lead” lists, that with a peak average of 23% positive engagement after an average of 11 emails sent

After accounting for “fake leads” (bad email addresses) we see closer to 60%+ positive engagement

That means on average, for every 100 “dead leads” you have, there are 23 “hot leads” and referrals. That includes the “fake leads”

How many “dead leads” do you have? And are you first in line?

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