What is 4th Generation
Artificial Intelligence?

And How It Is Going To Disrupt Industries and Set New Standards

The Cure Fourth Generation Artificial Intelligence...


I'll admit it. When it comes to artificial intelligence, we're kind of AI snobs.

We've been developing technology solutions using artificial intelligences with a specialty in 4th generation artificial intelligence. We've won awards in artificial intelligence innovation from Ford, Intel, Amazon, Samsung... and the list goes on.

We've even designed advanced artificial intelligences based on biological swarm dynamics and hive behavior to solve some really hard problems.

We have numerous patents that have been sold and licensed to pretty much every major institution. I can pretty much guarantee your bank is using some of our patents.

In fact, if you're using Windows 10 ... you're using some of our patents right now.

For the past ten years we even developed advanced AIs for the hedge fund industry. A few of those AIs have even beat some stock market flash crashes as well.



The Fourth Generation of Artificial Intelligence

Our specialty is in the fourth generation of AI. The difference is that fourth gen artificial intelligence knows what it's mission is. What it is trying to achieve.

So fourth gen AIs use different machine learning algorithms as part of it's mix. It also uses other forms of artificial intelligence algorithms in combination to achieve their goal... or mission.


4th Generation: A lot happens in the background you don't need to micromanage.

An example of 4th generation AI is a self-driving car. The only thing you told it to do was reach its destination. It's doing all sorts of analysis and calculations of speed, g-forces, geometry, angles, objects and cars moving around you, potential obstacles...

None of which you told it to do. Your job is NOT to micro-manage, otherwise you'd just drive yourself.

That's the hallmark of 4th generation. It knows what the goal is, and does the work towards that goal all bay itself, without you telling it, or micro-managing all the small (but critical) details.

Everyone... And I Mean Every Single Element as Important

An important hallmark of fourth generation artificial intelligences is that they doesn't lump data together. They treat, learn, and adapt to every single piece of data as an individual unit.

Another real world example of this is when we designed an AI to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and also another AI to help prevent fleet (like FedEx and UPS) drivers from falling asleep at the wheel on long hauls.

Traditional AI lumps data together. Sort of like the monkey learning to recognize cat pictures. All it knows is... "cat." But it's a generalization... cats.

4th generation AI on the other hand uses the same individualized approach as with SIDS and truck drivers. To solve those "hard problems", the AI had to learn and adapt to individual infants, and individual drivers.

The AI learned their individual patterns and habits (breathing, and steering/acceleration patterns).

It's not good enough to say... well... most drivers behave like this... most infants breathe like this... because everyone behaves differently, has different patterns, different behavioral habits.

Advanced AIs can then say... "I know this individual"... "I know this person's habits"... and "something different is happening... so take notice."

This approach is the same with markets, strategies and approaches.

The revolution is multiple 4th generation artificial intelligences... working together... collaborating. The whole is more powerful than the individuals.